TransGrid and Integral Energy have published the Final Report on the proposed development of new transmission network infrastructure to develop the electricity supply to Nowra and the NSW South Coast.  


The NSW South Coast area includes the local government areas of Shellharbour, Shoalhaven and Kiama in the Illawarra Local Planning Area.  They have a total population of around 214,000. 


The electrical load is characterised primarily by residential loads with some commercial and light industrial loads in the major population centres, rural loads in surrounding areas and holiday loads.

The proposal has major components as follows:

  • Construction of a new 330/132 kV Substation
  • Construction of a short section of double circuit 330 kV transmission line from the new substation to TransGrid’s Kangaroo Valley to Capital Wind Farm line west of the substation
  • Construction of short sections of 132 kV transmission line from the new substation to Integral Energy’s 132kV lines to the east
  • Connections to enable the new 330kV and 132kV circuits to be formed
  • The necessary control, protection and communications services


A copy of the Final Report can be downloaded from:


  • AEMO’s website:
  • TransGrid’s website:
  • Or Integral Energy’s website:



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