TransGrid will take to the skies on Monday to conduct inspections of power lines in the Central New South Wales, to help ensure the reliability of the electricity grid this summer.


Manager of Central Region Mr Ian Davidson said that TransGrid’s transmission lines are scheduled to be inspected by helicopter during November to reduce the risk of outages to the region's power supplies.

“By pinpointing potential hazards and undertaking regular maintenance, we are helping secure a more reliable supply for our customers before demand increases over summer,” said Mr Davidson.

“Aerial surveys are also one of the most immediate and effective ways to monitor vegetation clearances to ensure the safety of the community over the upcoming bushfire season,” he said.

“The patrols during November follow an extensive ground and aerial maintenance program during 2010, which covered more than 12,500 km of transmission lines across New South Wales.”

“This year, TransGrid has written to over 7,000 landowners with transmission line easements on their properties, providing them with important information to ensure their safety,” said Mr Davidson.

TransGrid, will use a specialist team, high-tech equipment and helicopters to conduct the patrols and make every effort to minimise noise and disturbance to the community.

“Our priority is the safety of the community and the reliability of their electricity supply,” he said.

If in doubt about the safety of any activity near transmission lines, residents are encouraged to contact TransGrid directly on 1800 222 537.




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