Sep 25
Surging Forward - Electric Vechiles

We were proud to contribute to the Partnerships Conference Magazine as part of the 2018 Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Conference. Our article discusses the rise of electric vehicles in Australia and their impact on the energy network.

"According to the International Energy Agency, in 2017 the estimated global electricity demand from all electric vehicles was 54 terawatt hours (TWh) – or around 80 per cent of the annual electricity demand of NSW.

…For grid operators like TransGrid, there are opportunities to maximise the benefits of electric vehicles in the form of optimising vehicle charging time, and the potential for electric vehicles to provide small-scale energy storage.

While there might be some challenges along the way, we firmly believe that an electric vehicle future is coming. If welcomed and supported, Australia will experience significant economic, environmental and social benefits not only for users but for society at large."

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