Oct 19
TransGrid presented with international award for Mobile Plant Framework

​Congratulations to the TransGrid Mobile Plant Framework project team who have received a Silver Award in the annual Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards.

Now in their 12th year, these global awards recognise outstanding contributions to the fields of intranets and digital workplaces. The awards uncover remarkable solutions that deliver business value.

TransGrid's Kersha Levi, Manager Field Support, was thrilled to accept the award with the team and said: "The award provides recognition of the process improvements delivered for the business and awareness of the team's fantastic work in bringing field work, safety and systems together to deliver efficiency." 

What is the Mobile Plant Framework Project?

The Mobile Plant Framework (MPF) project automated components of the MPF procedure using Mobile Plant through the development of a bespoke app. This provided significant administrative efficiencies and insightful reporting reducing human error, and ensuring safety standards were applied consistently across the business.

The changes reduced the paperwork and administrative time required to meet compliance obligations in the field for operating plant. While an element of paperwork is still involved in each job, the deployment of the MPF app has resulted in a reduction of 80 pages per job to 11.

Our Resource Schedulers now have greater visibility when allocating resources to a job. They can easily see in one view that plant resources are serviced, maintained and suitable for the job and that the human resources allocated are both qualified and experienced to operate that plant.

Employees on site can have the confidence that the plant that is on site is ok to go and the site managers have the right resources. Workers can complete relevant checks and then if they feel there's something wrong with the plant they have the power to act upon that straight away.

A few comments from the judges:

"I like that the result has not just been a reduction in incidents but also an increase in efficiency. This is not seen very often!"

"This is the kind of frontline worker digital employee experience that we've been wanting to see more of for some time. A very clear focus on an essential issue make this well suited to an app. I like that they didn't try to make it an all-encompassing solution, but stuck to doing one thing well."

"Working on power lines in the field is dangerous. This bespoke app helps to improve frontline safety, as well as increasing productivity and reducing costs. Very specific to their needs, but a good example of integration with different systems and empowering field staff."

Well done to everyone involved in the development of this application and the accompanying Procedure!

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