April Large Energy User Roundtable

​TransGrid held the second Large Energy User Roundtable on Thursday 10 April 2014. The event brought together large energy users from across NSW. When organising the event, TransGrid went to great efforts to ensure a broad cross section of views from NSW industry.

In the morning, Roundtable participants discussed the details of TransGrid's Revenue Proposal and Five Year Business Plan. Attendees provided the company with robust feedback on the proposal including plans for demand management as well as TransGrid's proposed operational expenditure and capital investment. In the afternoon, external experts presented on pricing and Weighted Average Cost of Capital to finish the day.

The day was facilitated by an external consultant who encouraged discussion between the TransGrid team and workshop members. TransGrid appreciated both the time and openness of the participants and hope to continue the conversation with attendees.

The robust feedback received on the day will go towards a better and more comprehensive Revenue Proposal and Five Year Business Plan, as well as informing TransGrid's future operations.

The presentations from the day are available on this page.

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April Large Energy User Roundtable Minutes


List of organisations in attendance:

BlueScope Steel 
Broadcast Australia 
City of Sydney 
Norske Skog 
Sydney Airport