December 2014 Engagement Workshop

On December 9, TransGrid brought together consumer representatives, large energy users and business groups for the third round of engagement workshops on our Five Year Business Plan.

The full day of discussion covered both the AER's Draft Determination and our engagement program moving forward. We gave attendees a quick run through of the AER's draft determination and the impacts it could have on our business.

To enhance discussion about TransGrid's replacement program, we presented our current Risk Management Framework, which is how we currently prioritise capital works. We discussed the way TransGrid prioritises the importance of Safety, Environment, Cost, Reliability and Operational implications and how these could be prioritised to ensure efficient outcomes. We asked participants to make suggestions based on their knowledge of risk assessments within their own organisation.

Next participants were given details of our replacement program projects and provided with an opportunity to assess and prioritise projects based on the Risk Management Framework. While most groups ran out of time, it was great to give participants an insight into the battle our planners face in keeping power costs down while ensuring a safe and reliable supply of electricity.

In the afternoon we asked both the consumer and business representatives, and the large energy users how they would like to be engaged into the future. We also asked attendees about the topics they were interested in including demand management, tariff reform and project specific sessions.

To ensure we captured as much feedback as possible, sheets of butchers paper were put up on the walls and attendees were given post it notes to record their opinions. To view the report summarising the outcomes of the day and capturing feedback received click here.

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