Expenditure Forecasting Methodology for 2014-19

​As part of the formal engagement with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in the Revenue Determination process, in November 2013 TransGrid submitted a description of its approach to forecasting future expenditure requirements. 

The paper is required under the Economic Regulation of Network Service Providers rule change, which enhanced the formal engagement process ahead of submission of a revenue proposal between network service providers, such as TransGrid, and the AER

The document explains how TransGrid forecasts capital and operating expenditure in its Revenue Proposal.  The Revenue Proposal sets out the revenue TransGrid will need over the next five years to continue to provide safe and reliable transmission of electricity across NSW. TransGrid’s models, methodologies, inputs and assumptions for both operating expenditure and capital investment are set out in the document. The final expenditure forecasts will be submitted to the AER in the revenue proposal in May 2014.

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Expenditure Forecasting Methodology 2014-19