Five Year Plan and Revenue Proposal Online Survey

To further TransGrid's consultation on our Five Year Business Plan and Revenue Proposal, in March 2013 we surveyed 650 people across NSW and the ACT to:

  • Explain TransGrid's Five Year Business Plan and Revenue Proposal and gauge the acceptability of our plan
  • Understand how much the community knew about the electricity delivery process and TransGrid's role in the network
  • Find out how much the community wanted to know in the future
Taking around 20 minutes, the survey went into detail about TransGrid's plans for the next five years. We took great care to be open and honest with participants, making information clear and understandable. In order to reach an objective conclusion, TransGrid contracted an external provider to conduct the surveys. A broad range of demographics across TransGrid's delivery area were included in the participants. Results from the original 650 participants will be addressed in TransGrid's Revenue Proposal to be submitted to the AER at the end of May 2014.

We have replicated the survey and are opening it up to residents of NSW or the ACT to complete.

The survey is now CLOSED.

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