November Deliberative Forums

​To further TransGrid's consultation on our Five Year Business Plan and Revenue Proposal, at the end of November 2013 we ran a series of deliberative forums to:

  • Understand how much the community knew about the electricity delivery process and TransGrid's role in the network
  • Find out how much the community wanted to know
  • Explain TransGrid's Five Year Business Plan and Revenue Proposal and gauge the acceptability of our plan.

An external facilitator ran the event with key TransGrid people both presenting and seated at roundtables with the attendees. To capture the opinions of a good range of electricity users we held four hour forums in both Wagga and Parramatta, as well as a smaller three hour focus group in Sydney CBD. Each group was made up of residential consumers and small to medium business owners with a range of ages, incomes, demographics and backgrounds. 

We started by asking the attendees about their knowledge of the electricity industry and then provided them with further information about the network in NSW. TransGrid staff walked participants through our Five Year Business Plan and Revenue Proposal, explaining the forecasting and planning processes.

At the end of each of the events, participants were asked their opinions and provided feedback on the Five Year Business Plan and Revenue Proposal. Below are some results:
  • Overall attendees scored the revenue proposal an average grade of B+, with 90% agreeing that TransGrid has a sensible plan for the future
  • Generally, people weren't willing to trade current levels of reliability for lower prices
  • Participants gave TransGrid's planned capital expenditure projects for the next five years an average score of 7.2 out of 10
  • 75% of attendees supported TransGrid increasing its operating expenditure to invest in ways to reduce energy demand and potentially the need to build new infrastructure
  • Three-quarters of participants said that they supported the idea of paying a slightly higher transmission cost now to potentially reduce long term costs
  • There was general support for the planned operating expenditure as there was no budgeted increase from the current period.

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