Powering Sydney's Future 2014 consultation

Overview of 2014 Powering Sydney’s Future engagement

Please note that the below relates to 2014 studies. For 2017 Powering Sydney's Future information please visit: www.transgrid.com.au/psf.

In 2014, TransGrid and Ausgrid investigated a number of solutions to maintain the reliability and security of electricity supply to Inner Sydney through the Powering Sydney’s Future project.

Between January and October 2014, TransGrid and Ausgrid implemented a range of engagement activities including workshops, information sessions, surveys and briefings; and sought feedback from stakeholders, businesses and communities on a range of initiatives that could deliver a coordinated and cost effective solution for the future energy needs of Inner Sydney. Through this engagement, TransGrid and Ausgrid received feedback from more than 350 stakeholders.

In 2015, the demand forecasts published in TransGrid’s Annual Planning Report indicated a lower peak demand and a slower rate of growth for Inner Sydney over the coming decade. This change enabled TransGrid to defer capital expenditure.

In the December 2014 Engagement and Feedback Report, TransGrid committed to:

  • Continue working closely with Ausgrid on a joint planning approach.
  • Work with industry on demand management research.
  • Communicate any significant project updates to stakeholders.

2014 consultation information

View details of the 2014 consultation to learn more about project need, drivers and early engagement.

Need for consultation to recommence in 2016

In 2016, testing of the affected assets and updated demand forecasts suggested that a solution to the Inner Sydney network constraint would need to be in place by 2021/22.

In line with TransGrid’s commitment to stakeholder engagement, consultation recommenced in 2016 because it could take up to five years to implement a solution; due to the work involved in approvals, environmental assessments, planning and project delivery.

For 2017 consultation, please visit Have Your Say on Powering Sydney’s Future.