2013 Pricing Methodology Consultation

The energy market is evolving and at TransGrid we are continually refining our operations to ensure reliable electricity at the lowest cost to end users. As the owner and manager of NSW's high voltage electricity transmission network, TransGrid is committed to ensuring a sustainable and efficient energy supply. 

In late 2013, TransGrid published a Pricing Methodology Consultation Paper as a key part of a wider consultation process for TransGrid's Revenue Proposal and Five Year Business Plan. 

To assist customers and stakeholders in formulating their views, the Pricing Methodology Consultation Paper considers the economic principles and issues that must be addressed in developing efficient transmission prices. 

The Paper also includes: 

  • An explanation of the current rules for electricity transmission service providers in Australia;
  • A summary of a number of reviews that have had a bearing on the nature of transmission services;
  • Explanations of the arrangements for regulating the services; and
  • An illustration of the development of the current transmission pricing arrangements.
The submission period on TransGrid's Pricing Methodology ran from 8 November to 13 December 2013.

Submissions were accepted by email and via this page on the TransGrid Have Your Say website. 

TransGrid has produced a summary of the submissions received in addition to making the original submissions available on this website.  In February 2014, TransGrid published its 'Provisional Views Paper', which examined the issues raised by customers and stakeholders and discussed possible changes to the pricing methodology.  In March and April we met with customers and stakeholders to continue the conversation about our Pricing Methodology. 

The Pricing Methodology Proposal was submitted to the AER as an appendix of TransGrid's Revenue Proposal 2014-19.

We've created a brief fact sheet to summarise the proposal. Click here to view. 

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