Summary of consultation on TransGrid's Revenue Proposal

Before submitting our Revenue Proposal and Five Year Business Plan to the Australian Energy Regulator, TransGrid consulted with a variety of electricity bill payers across NSW and the ACT. 

Over the twelve months up until submission at the end of May 2014, TransGrid talked to residents, small to medium business owners, consumer representatives as well as large energy users about our plans for the electricity network over the next five years. This helped us to understand the priorities and expectations of NSW energy users for the future of the electricity transmission network. 

By staggering our consultation with NSW electricity bill payers, TransGrid could take feedback on board as we worked towards submission of our Revenue Proposal.  Feedback that we received through the consultation process was addressed directly in our Revenue Proposal and can be found in Section 3.7, page 35. 

 Key consultation initiatives:
To ensure the best quality results, we contracted independent experts in community consultation and market research to assist with our consultation activities. Newgate Research has prepared a summary report of the consultation on our Revenue Proposal. 

 Click here to view the summary of consultation. 

 Key outcomes of TransGrid's consultation:
  • TransGrid's Revenue Proposal received an average mark of B+ by residential and SME power consumers
  • Consumer representatives felt there was little or no room to compromise electricity reliability for price
  • NSW residents generally would rather pay a slight increase to maintain electricity reliability
  • Overall participants were positive about TransGrid's efforts towards non-network solutions such as demand response.
TransGrid hopes to continue the conversation about the future of the electricity network with NSW and ACT electricity users into the future.