TransGrid Pricing Methodology Update

Over the last few weeks, we have received valuable feedback from a number of our stakeholders following our workshop and webinar on the AER Draft Determination which also covered our Pricing Methodology.

As discussed in the workshop and webinar, the AER did not approve our Pricing Methodology which we submitted with our revised revenue application. As a result, we have re-shaped our Pricing Methodology with this feedback in mind. As we have been provided with 30 business days from the release of the AER's Draft Determination to submit a revised proposal, we are working within a short time-frame to have this finalised, ready to submit along with our revised Revenue Proposal on 13 January 2015.

Click here to view our Pricing Methodology update.

Recognising that this is a busy time of year, we apologise for the short notice and release just before Christmas. Whilst we make every effort to ensure your preferences and interests are considered in our decisions, we also carefully balance this with National Electricity Rule obligations and business specific requirements. We hope that you are satisfied with where we have landed and encourage you to continue to share your views with us in 2015.

TransGrid Pricing Methodology Update.png