TransGrid is a proud signatory to the Energy Charter.

The Energy Charter is a positive, industry-led initiative to help energy businesses improve the value we provide to customers and energy consumers.

We are working with businesses across the energy supply chain to improve the outcomes for all energy consumers.

Signatories are required to submit an annual disclosure statement on our performance against the principles of the Energy Charter to the Independent Accountability Panel.

You can read more about the Energy Charter and its principles here.

Disclosure statement 2019

TransGrid has submitted its first annual disclosure statement.

This is TransGrid's first disclosure statement to the Independent Accountability Panel.

To develop this disclosure statement, we consulted with customers and stakeholders, and engaged with our board, executives and staff to present a full picture of our current performance against the Charter principles.

This disclosure document is a first step in our self-assessment and is part of a transformation process to develop a business wide culture which is focused on the best outcomes for consumers.

We welcome feedback on how we can improve the services we provide to consumers and how we present this information in future Energy Charter disclosure.

You can read our disclosure statement to the Energy Charter here.

You can also read TransGrid's and other signatories' disclosure statements here.

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