Build program cancelled on TransGrid's Far North NSW Transmission Line Project


​TransGrid has stopped its build program on the Far North NSW Project (Dumaresq to Lismore Transmission Line).

Earlier this year, TransGrid announced it would be undertaking a review of this project. That decision was based on the results of the 2013 Annual Planning Review.

Subsequent to that information, the latest data shows that a solution is not required until the 2020s or possibly later if a high voltage connection from Queensland can be relied on and load growth remains subdued. TransGrid has made a decision to cease all its building work activities for the Far North NSW Project and will now seek to close off the easement process.

General Manager Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement, Greg Garvin, said TransGrid recognises that the timing of this decision and the work completed to date has had an impact on the local community and that is why residents are being urged to get involved.

“One of the key components of any project is easement acquisition and we are now seeking input from the community on how best to close this off,” he said.

TransGrid is urging those who are directly and indirectly affected across the region to have their say via the TransGrid website That consultation will take place up to November 22.

“TransGrid plans in the most prudent and sensible fashion and is always willing to defer or cancel projects if circumstances suggest this is the most appropriate course,” Mr Garvin added.

“This decision is a result of this year’s Transmission Annual Planning Report which has determined that we can continue to maintain a reliable supply without the need for a new transmission line at this time.

“Furthermore, this decision will have no immediate impact on security of electricity supply and TransGrid’s planning processes will continually review forecasts to ensure we only provide infrastructure when it is needed and not before.

“Our aim is to always provide a safe, reliable and efficient supply of electricity to this state. However, in the current circumstances there is no requirement to continue with the build program on the Far North NSW Project and in line with that all build program work has been stopped,” Mr Garvin said.