TransGrid announces easement decision following community consultation


​TransGrid has today confirmed that, following its decision to cancel the build program on the Far North NSW Project, it will now close off the related easement acquisition process.

In a month long consultation process, TransGrid sought the views of property owners along the proposed Dumaresq to Lismore transmission line corridor. The process involved a local community forum held in October, a survey of property owners and taking into consideration the views of the Upper Dumaresq Action Group and Tenterfield Action Group.

“This process has assisted us to determine a way forward that is fair to property owners, the local community and the people of New South Wales,” said Anthony Englund, Acting General Manager of TransGrid’s Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement unit.

TransGrid has sent landholders a letter outlining how the easement process will be closed off.

Property owners currently in negotiation with TransGrid will have until 28 March 2014 to either finalise negotiations by accepting the current compensation offer or withdraw and have notations removed from their property titles at TransGrid’s cost.

Property owners who have a TransGrid easement on their land have until 28 March 2014 to buy back the easement rights from TransGrid by paying back the compensation they have already received. If they choose not to do so, they may keep the compensation and the easement will remain.

If a property owner chooses to buy back their easement rights, TransGrid will meet the landowner’s reasonable costs to extinguish the easement and remove the notation from the property title.

Finally, property owners who have chosen not to negotiate on an easement will have notations removed from their property titles.

“We’re aware the holiday season is fast approaching. With property owners’ preferences in mind, we’ve allowed until the end of March next year to finalise the outstanding negotiations,” Mr Englund said

“We’d very much like to thank local residents and all stakeholders in the region for helping us find the best way to bring the easement process to an end.”

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