TransGrid’s Korean connection


In a first for the state’s electricity transmission network, TransGrid has taken delivery and put into service a power transformer from Korea.

The 330 kV Hyosung transformer was brought in as part of the Sydney East Substation Augmentation Project.

The project itself has been a success, delivered two months early and under budget.

“We’re very pleased with the overall outcome and the positives also extended to the local environment,” said Project Manager Sarah Conacher.

“We’ve been planting native species from the Duffy’s Forest ecological community, which provide a habitat for local fauna and restored the surrounding land to its natural state following construction.”

The transporting of any transformer is both a delicate and heavyweight project, a significant logistical event to ensure the safe arrival of a $6 million piece of equipment. Two ten axle, multi-platform trailers are required to move a transformer as it is hauled along by prime movers. Its configuration is about 5 metres in height, 3 metres wide and almost 10 metres in length.

Traffic management plans include a series of support vehicles for the large road-train, consisting of police support vehicles, several escorts from the transformer company, a back-up vehicle for maintenance purposes and a spare prime mover.

Other new assets included three large oil containment tanks and a range of high-voltage switchgear.

“The three new oil containment tanks were also constructed to increase the protection of the surrounding environment,” Ms Conacher added.

“It’s great to know that a construction project can deliver such positive environmental outcomes.”

TransGrid owns and manages one of the largest high-voltage transmission networks in Australia, almost 12,800 kilometres of transmission line, connecting generators distributors and major end-users in NSW and the ACT and has links to Queensland and Victoria, facilitating interstate energy trading.