iDemand to grow demand management market


TransGrid has today unveiled its iDemand system, a research driven technological initiative aimed at developing methods for managing peak energy demand.

Unlocking demand management alternatives, reduces the need for infrastructure investment which means a more efficient supply of energy to NSW consumers and the community. By investing in demand management research, TransGrid is strengthening their ability to provide a safe, reliable and efficient supply of electricity.

iDemand is located at TransGrid’s Western Sydney site, consisting of batteries storing 400 kilowatthours of capacity filling a small shipping container, with solar panels installed on top as well as shading the centre car park. Using lithium polymer battery technology, for sustained power delivery, fast response time and relatively low maintenance requirements, the system has enough energy capacity to offset the equivalent of 40 households’ load at times of peak.

TransGrid has developed an interactive web portal that shows live status updates of the system’s energy flow and storage, allowing for the download of historical data to assist research in demand management.

The research tour and web portal launch on 25 November hopes to seek expressions of interest in iDemand research agreements from academics and industry members, to derive the most value from the installation. This is achieved by enabling learning and knowledge that will grow the market for demand management solutions.

iDemand includes one of only several large-scale battery installations in the National Electricity Market, allowing for a unique opportunity in developing demand management alternatives to network investment.

TransGrid is committed to procuring cost-effective demand management as an alternative to network investment, and undertakes innovative activities such as iDemand in order to contribute to boosting uptake of demand management in NSW.

This project is another example of TransGrid leading the way in developing the demand management market to help take the pressure off the grid during peak times.

Visit the iDemand web portal at