Today is White Ribbon Day


​The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest global male-led movement to stop violence against women. It engages and enables men and boys to lead this social change.  

In Australia, White Ribbon is an organisation that works to prevent violence by changing attitudes and behaviours. The prevention work is driven through social marketing, the Ambassador Program and prevention initiatives with communities, schools, universities, sporting codes and workplaces.

White Ribbon’s mission is making women’s safety a man’s issue too. Men are standing up, speaking out and acting to prevent violence. The prevention work of White Ribbon takes place in schools, workplaces and across the wider community. White Ribbon's Programs provide the tools to drive cultural change, recognising the vital role of, and actions required by, all men to prevent violence against women.

At TransGrid, we are committing to becoming a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace as a strong public acknowledgement to our employees and the community of our commitment. This is a key step in raising awareness for our employees and our community of this important issue and the support TransGrid can provide.