Supporting Vivid Sydney


TransGrid has today announced it will for the first time be a Vivid Collaborator with Vivid Sydney 2016. 

As part of this inaugural relationship, TransGrid will collaborate with Vivid Sydney by providing support for the lighting of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and delivering an energy audit of the wider festival.

TransGrid will provide a detailed understanding of the events energy use, which can be used by Vivid Sydney to develop strategies to bring down costs and effectively manage its carbon footprint.

As a major NSW electricity infrastructure provider TransGrid is committed to supporting a low carbon future

TransGrid Group Manager, Stakeholder Engagement Katy Hannouch said the company's focus on innovation to drive efficiencies makes collaboration with Vivid Sydney a natural fit for the NSW based electricity infrastructure provider.

"Vivid's lights paint Sydney in many colours; our support is focused on helping them all stay green."

"Seeing an event that brings joy to millions of visitors by creatively using light, we were eager to see how we could help. In a way we've been supporting the event all along by delivering power behind those lights."

"This collaboration is the natural next step where our visions around sustainability and protection of the environment are aligned," said Ms Hannouch.