Talking renewables in New England


​​What do you want from renewable energy investment? That's the question TransGrid asked local community groups in a recent consultation session.

At the session, TransGrid spoke about the potential for the New England region to be a leader in renewable energy generation, benefiting from high-skilled jobs and investment.

TransGrid spokesperson Katy Hannouch said understanding the needs of local communities was instrumental to the success of the renewable energy industry.

"We want to see the renewable energy industry partnering with communities to deliver benefits for all."

"When a big project comes to town, the investment in that community is great."

"By talking to the community, we want to be better informed on what that investment should achieve, based on the needs specific to this area," said Ms Hannouch.

The consultation session is part of a larger program of work supporting Australia's first Renewable Energy Hub potentially in the New England region.

Early findings show a hub has the capacity to enable a high level of investment in the local area. Results of the consultation and hub investigation will be released in a knowledge sharing report later this year.