TransGrid delivers Canberra-Sydney intercap for AXONVX


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TransGrid has expanded their fibre network to link AXONVX virtual exchange hubs in NEXTDC's C1 Canberra and S1 Sydney data centres, providing Canberra-based organisations with high-speed private connectivity to the nationwide network of AXONVX-enabled data centres and major public clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365, IBM SoftLayer and Amazon Web Services.

After managing an extensive and diverse telecommunications network for more than 15 years, TransGrid Telecommunications is opening up its network, and offering a real alternative in backhaul services on key inter-capital and regional routes.

TransGrid Executive General Manager Tony Meehan said the connection offers businesses in the ACT high speed broadband services through an independent network on a diverse path.

"We're happy to be working with NEXTDC to provide a unique opportunity for customers in the Canberra Telecommunications market through the AVONVX marketplace."

"Our telecommunications network is designed to meet the same level of infrastructure integrity and security as the high voltage transmission system it supports," said Mr Meehan.

TransGrid's optical fibre network is the fifth largest in the country, integrating Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) strung above a secure and reliable electricity transmission network, with in-ground fibre cable paths and highly robust electricity substation locations for maximum integrity and security.

"Our recent expansion into Victoria means TransGrid Telecommunications will offer one of the largest areas of coverage, including key regional access points through an independent broadband network."

NEXTDC CEO Craig Scroggie commented, "We're very pleased to have TransGrid onboard as an AXONVX carrier partner between Canberra and Sydney, together our companies have opened up a host of new possibilities for local organisations.

"By extending the enormous value we have in our national network of more than 250 partners through AXONVX and TransGrid's growing fibre network, we are boosting the number and diversity of IT services available to Federal Government agencies and making public cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Office 365 more readily available."

Spanning more than 4,000km across NSW, the ACT and VIC, TransGrid Telecommunications' network is supported by a 24/7 contact centre and a team of dedicated customer managers to tailor connectivity solutions to meet your needs.

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