Kerry Schott joins Energy Security Board


TransGrid Chief Executive Officer Paul Italiano today congratulated TransGrid chair Dr Kerry Schott on her appointment to Australia’s newly created Energy Security Board.

“I extend my sincere congratulations to Dr Schott on her appointment, and I commend the COAG Energy Council on their selection,” said Mr Italiano.

“Dr Schott will be an outstanding asset to the Australian energy market in her new role, and we wish her all the best.

“Dr Schott has seen TransGrid through an important phase of the company’s growth, helping our transition to a leading private sector electricity transmission operator. Since her appointment as TransGrid chair on June 1, 2016 she has provided invaluable direction and leadership. I would also like to personally thank Dr Schott for her support and guidance over the past year.”

Mr Italiano also recognised the appointment of Clare Savage, Executive Director Policy, Energy and Climate Change at the Business Council of Australia, and underscored the importance of the task facing the Board.

“The Energy Security Board will play a crucial role in driving the Australian energy sector to realise the vision of the Finkel Blueprint. We are at a pivotal moment in the industry’s development, and it will be up to the Board to ensure Australians continue to have access to reliable, affordable energy in a market
which is constantly evolving.”

In light of her appointment Dr Schott will resign from her role as TransGrid Chair.

“It has been a privilege to serve as TransGrid chair during an important phase of the company’s development,” said Dr Schott.

“TransGrid’s unique vantage point in the energy industry has given me a keen appreciation of the issues facing Australia, and I look forward to helping drive the programs that will be necessary to secure Australia’s energy future.”
An announcement about Dr Schott’s replacement as TransGrid chair will be made in due course.