Partnering with Kallico Catering to support the Clontarf Foundation


In light of COVID-19, TransGrid is adapting the way we meet our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (Innovate RAP) commitments to allow for isolation and social distancing practices.

Over the coming five weeks, we will be supporting 106 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school boys through our partnership with the Clontarf Foundation. The 106 boys attend Matraville High and Chifley Senior College, two Clontarf Academies in Sydney. 

Following consultation with the Clontarf Foundation, we have purchased meals for Academy Directors to deliver to the boys during home visits. The meals will support the boys while they continue with their studies during this period as well as provide stability during their transition back into school.

The meals have been purchased through Kallico Catering, who we are also glad to be supporting through this venture. Kallico Catering is an Aboriginal owned and operated business, certified by Supply Nation. The recent bushfire season brought devastation upon Kallico Catering after the owners lost their home, and their business has been further impacted by COVID-19.

Both the Clontarf Foundation and Kallico Catering are valued TransGrid partners. We look forward to continuing to work with them beyond the COVID-19 restrictions. 

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