Network Vision

The future of energy

Significant change to energy generation, transport and use means it’s time to plan for the future of our transmission network. The Network Vision 2056 Report sets out how the NSW transmission network could adapt over the next forty years; and the principles by which it will be planned, operated and managed to deliver the future of energy.

Network Vision 2056 serves as a link between TransGrid's overarching business plan and planning and asset management documents, including the:

Key insights from the report

  1. Challenges for the NSW electricity transmission network up to 2056. Find out how we can plan, operate and manage the network effectively. (p. 10)
  2. Actions TransGrid is taking to meet network challenges. Gain insight into how we’re evolving our business to meet industry changes head-on.  (p. 24)
  3. Vision and principles. Learn how we’ll continue to deliver strong value to consumers and customers. We believe that there shouldn’t be a trade-off between choice and affordability; sustainability and reliability. (p. 27)

Comment on the future of energy in NSW, in response to Network Vision 2056

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