Cable Maintenance

At TransGrid, we understand that maintaining cables is extremely important to ensuring reliable service.

As the transmission authority responsible for operating and maintaining the NSW high voltage network, our team is experienced in cable maintenance, often under time-critical emergency situations. With more 40 years experience with oil-filled and XLPE transmission cables, our crews provide expertise with hands-on technical issues and asset management strategies to maximise the value of your cable assets. 

Every day our multi-skilled cables maintenance technicians manage dig enquiries, patrols, outage planning and switching duties on high voltage cables and switch gear. They carry out cable oil sampling, pit maintenance, link box maintenance and sheath tests. For businesses that equates to cost and time savings.

The TransGrid team provides customised and cost effective emergency response, full asset lifecycle management or work on demand. We have 1,000 staff throughout NSW formally accredited across all required safety protocols.

Cable Maintenance Services

  • Routine maintenance including pit access, gauges and alarms, oil ancillary equipment and link boxes
  • Maintenance of tunnels and pumping systems
  • Supervision of excavation and jointing work
  • Cable patrols
  • Cable oil sampling, processing and management
  • Sheath IR and fault location
  • Managing Dial Before You Dig systems
  • Emergency repairs and spares

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