Maintenance on Demand

Maintenance on Demand

With increasing pressures to maximise the life of assets and decrease costs, TransGrid understands that our customers want flexibility in resourcing. 

We can provide Maintenance on Demand across your secondary systems, substations, transmission lines, high voltage cables and telecommunications equipment, providing vital support and peace of mind. With more than 1,000 staff stationed all over NSW, our network is strong and agile providing invaluable back-up for your business.

How TransGrid's Maintenance on Demand works

TransGrid's Maintenance on Demand solution provides expert technicians whenever your maintenance schedule requires them. Establishing rates up front means you can plan your maintenance program as well as the cost involved.  

We integrate your schedule into our crew's routine programs and have regular conversations with your asset managers to ensure we capture any further maintenance required to maximise the life of your high voltage equipment. 

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