POI Backhaul and V-NNI Services

Ramp up your nbn™ based offering with TransGrid’s POI Backhaul and V-NNI services 

TranGrid’s POI Backhaul and Virtual NNI (V-NNI) Services are designed for Retail Service Provider (RSP) already onboarded with nbn™. The POI Backhaul extends the customer’s nbn™ Network Network Interface (NNI) from selected nbn™ POIs* in NSW/ACT/VIC to a nominated handoff location. The traffic could be delivered as an aggregated handoff via a single physical interface or multiple discrete interfaces in a point-to-point configuration. With POI V-NNI, you have the ability to deploy backhaul capacity without incurring the cost of setting up a presence at eachPOI. 

*Please contact your TransGrid Account Manager on the serviceable nbn™ Point of Interconnect (POI) list. 

POI Backhaul and VNNI benefits


High speed direct backhaul connectivity to selected nbn™ POIs and superior Carrier grade services by bundling the performance of the nbn™ and our Carrier grade Ethernet network with the selected CoS (Classes of Service) to match with your applications or dedicated high speed wavelength service for 10Gbps and above.


Harness a fibre access network, with dedicated point-to-point fibre that is completely separate from other network. 


Gain access to nbn’s range of port speeds in up to 1GE, 10Gbps* or 100Gbps* for your POI backhaul service. 

*Speed option availability is subject to service qualification process


Reduce your upfront costs with a network traffic aggregation option at selected aggregation headend location for both POI backhaul service on selected nbn™ POIs. Further saving could be realised to save the nbn NNI port cost by leveraging TransGrid NNI port when V-NNI option is selected.


Back your service with an experienced, Australia-based team providing 24/7 connection and assurance support.

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