TransGrid TGCE on nbn™

TransGrid Ethernet solution over nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet  access

Our Enterprise Ethernet Solution provides multiple services from various nbn Point of Interconnects (POIs). These could be aggregated to a single Ethernet headend or in point-to-point discrete interface configuration for each service for the ease of interconnection between the customer network and our TGCE network.


Symmetrical bandwidths speeds of -10Mbps up to -1Gbps.


Designed to deliver the data performance required for critical business applications and provide a secure and reliable connection with dedicated bandwidth.

Multiple CoS (Classes of Service) available to match your applications.

Enhanced Service level (SLA) options with business grade support including a dedicated operations centre and shorter network target fault rectification times.  

Dedicated support

Back your service with an experienced, Australia based team providing 24/7 connection and assurance support.

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