Health & Safety

Safety is at the core of all we do and we believe that all accidents are preventable on and off the job.

Safety is our number one priority

We are committed to protecting the health, welfare and safety of employees, contractors and the public through demonstrated leadership in health and safety. Our strategies are aimed at continually improving our performance in this area. Representing our firm position that all accidents are preventable, our focus on risk management is key to achieving our goal of zero injuries.

As an essential service provider operating in a high risk environment, meeting a strong standard of health and safety is core to everything we do. We promote a positive safety culture in which all employees and contractors are encouraged to actively manage their safety and the safety of others.

Based on our health and safety risks and key initiatives, each business unit develops its own customised plan to address business specific health and safety risks.

Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing is about making lifestyle choices that benefit your total health. Our Wellbeing Program has four main elements, Emotional Physical, Financial and Community Wellbeing. Employees have access to a variety of resources, both internal and external that provide information and support in meeting their Wellbeing needs. We believe that a holistic approach to work-life balance provides a healthy and productive workforce.

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