Our Network

TransGrid owns and operates the major high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and the ACT, connecting generators, distributors and major end users.

Our core role is to connect electricity consumers to a safe, secure and reliable network through efficient maintenance, proficient operation of assets and prudent investment.

Our network is the backbone of the National Electricity Market, enabling energy trading between Australia’s three largest states along the east coast and supporting the competitive wholesale electricity market.

  • Over 12,900 kilometres of high voltage overhead transmission line
  • 78 kilometres of underground cable operating at voltages of up to 330 kV
  • 100 substations and 37,241 transmission structures
  • 89 radio towers
  • 52 connection points to generators
  • 400 distributor and direct customer connection points
  • 20 direct connect customers
  • 6 interconnectors to Victoria and Queensland’s electricity transmission networks
  • 3 million households and businesses connected to electricity across NSW and the ACT
  • 27,800 business with more than 20 employees accounts for approximately 70% of electricity demand
  • 61,600 gigawatt hours of electricity moved in the 2013/14 financial year.