Network Safety Management

Protecting our people and the community

Safety is TransGrid’s highest priority and we have a number of policies, procedures and systems in place to protect our people and the community.
We plan for the safe normal, and abnormal operation, of our network assets through a number of mechanisms including: 

Electrical Network Safety Management Systems

Our Electrical Network Safety Management Systems (ENSMS) are in place to meet the expectations and requirements of stakeholders regarding public safety, the safety of people working near or on network assets, and the protection of property and network assets. They also address safety aspects arising from the protection of the environment, including protecting assets from fires, and safety aspects arising from the loss of electricity supply. 

Further information about our electricity safety management systems is provided in the jurisdictional information for NSW, Victoria and the ACT in the right hand column.

Key policies

Our Health and Safety, Environment and Asset Management policies guide a systematic and robust approach to all aspects of safety across our network. They cover the planning, design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of our network assets, and demonstrate our commitment towards electricity network safety.

Bush Fire Management

TransGrid’s Bush Fire Risk Management Plan outlines our responsibility for managing the potential impact of bush fires on our electricity network assets. The plan outlines hazardous events of concern, and describes how we manage the associated risk. 

Further information is provided on our Bushfire Risk Management Fact Sheet.

Public Electrical Safety Awareness 

Our Public Electrical Safety Awareness (PESA) Plan outlines how we safely manage our network assets. It informs the public about electricity hazards, particularly those relating to high voltage transmission lines and substations owned and/or operated by TransGrid. Our PESA meets the requirements of the Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2014. 

Further information is provided on our Public Safety Fact Sheet.