Far North NSW Project

In the early 2000s the transmission networks supplying the NSW Far North Coast and the Gold Coast area of Queensland were identified as approaching the limits of their capacity.

Since that time, TransGrid has been working with energy suppliers in the region to ensure the reliability and security of supply.

Between 2007 – 2013 the development of a new transmission line was proposed and preparation began for construction. A change in area forecasts resulted in the cancellation of this build program in October 2013.

The 2013 Transmission Annual Planning Review has estimated that the transmission networks in Far North NSW are likely to require an upgrade in the 2020’s, however this may be later if Directlink, part of a high voltage connection from Queensland, can be relied upon and load growth remains subdued.

In November 2013, TransGrid consulted with the far north community on how best to close the easement acquisition process. Over four weeks TransGrid consulted with the community and landowners by email, phone and a community meeting. A phone survey was also completed with landowners along the proposed corridor. As a result of this consultation TransGrid was able to provide final options to landowners along the corridor which were specific to individual landowner circumstances.

Annual reviews will continue and any significant changes will be shared with the community. TransGrid is committed to a fair and robust consultation regarding future energy supply needs and will take into account all feasible options and alternatives available.

Recent Project Announcements:

If you have any further questions about TransGrid’s planning in Northern NSW, contact a Community Engagement Officer on 1800 222 537.