Mangoola Relocation Project

The Mangoola  Relocation Project involved the relocation of an existing 500 kV transmission line on Glencore’s Mangoola Mine site and surrounding land.

Relocating this section of line, which forms part of the Bayswater to Mount Piper Transmission Line, allowed for Mangoola Coal’s plan to modify the mine. Mangoola Coal is the proponent for the modified mine, while TransGrid was responsible for the relocation of the 500 kV transmission line.

The Project involved:

  • Construction of approximately 11 kilometres of new transmission line on Glencore land, including 32 towers, which will replace the existing nine kilometre transmission line that bisects the mine site
  • Decommissioning the existing transmission line and relinquishment of its easement following the completion of the new line.

Project Approvals

Environmental consultant, Umwelt, completed a detailed Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Project, which received approval from the Minister of Planning and infrastructure in July 2012. A copy of the EA and associated approval documents are available here on the Department of Planning and Infrastructure website.