Corporate Governance

TransGrid’s Operations Board and Executive Leadership team support an environment that encourages accountability amongst all employees to deliver a service in the best interests of shareholders, the community and our stakeholders.

The Operations Board of Directors are responsible for providing effective guidance and direction, independence in decision making; and executive development and succession planning, to ensure consumers continue to receive the energy they need 24/7. On 16 December 2015, NSW Electricity Networks were confirmed as the lessee of TransGrid. 

Ethics and Conduct

TransGrid strives for excellence in all we do.  This includes adhering to our principles, standards and values so that we may demonstrate our commitment to maintaining high ethical standards and meeting the expectations of the community and people we work with.  Please see attached The Code of Ethics and Conduct and Business Ethics – A Guide to Contractors, Customers and Suppliers.

If you have reasonable grounds to suspect that TransGrid is not meeting its ethical standards or its obligations under law, you may raise your concerns via TransGrid's Whistleblower Service:

TransGrid Whistleblower Service

You can send a letter to:
TransGrid Reply paid 12628 A'Beckett Street, Victoria 8006

Username: TransGrid
Password: Whistleblower (Note password is case-sensitive)
Toll Free - 1800 826 109

Additional Information

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct

Business Ethics - A Guide to Contractors, Customers and Suppliers