Dial Before you Dig

Dial Before You Dig is an organisation that provides information to property owners and contractors for undertaking construction works that could affect  underground assets (for instance, telecommunication cables, electricity transmission cables) and services.

Being a registered asset owner with Dial Before You Dig means that TransGrid has supplied information on our underground cable routes. TransGrid’s aim is the protection of personnel safety and the prevention of damage to TransGrid high voltage underground power cable assets located outside of TransGrid premises.

Anyone planning to undertake underground construction work should contact Dial Before You Dig and give them:

  • the location of the work
  • type of construction activity (e.g. mechanical excavation, boring, drilling, landscaping)
  • their contract details.

Dial Before You Dig will pass on the enquiries to the relevant asset owners.

Where the construction work is related to TransGrid's underground cables, we will respond to these enquiries within two working days following the receipt of this information.

Where it's needed we can also provide a safety observer at no cost to advise and monitor work methods when working near our cables.

Work Near TransGrid Cables.pdf 

Easement guidelines for third party development

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