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Transgrid Trailblazer - Gabby Wijaya

23 January 2023

Meet our Trailblazer Gabby Wijaya, who is helping to provide insights for future decisions and strategies through her work in data analytics. Read on to learn more about her story.

Role title: Data Analyst

Length of time at Transgrid: 13 months

Tell us about your role at Transgrid:

I support the business by creating value from large data, in particular operational data, as well as introducing automation to improve data-related processes. In projects, I am involved in collecting data, preparing it to be usable, building tools and reports.  My work provides insights for future decisions and strategies. I constantly seek opportunities to improve Transgrid’s operations through data.

What’s your story?

I came from Indonesia to study here in Sydney, Australia. Being far from my family and living by myself taught me a lot of things, from simple tasks like doing chores, to deciding my career and pursuing my hobbies. I studied Business Analytics and Business Information Systems at The University of Sydney having no idea that I would love it. Outside my professional career, I really enjoy bush walking, basketball, watching crime/mystery shows, and trying/learning new things. I am currently learning about entrepreneurship and have a number of side hustles. I’m attracted by the process and joy of reaching goals.

Favourite career highlight?

Presenting my proposed business process solution in front of the executives for the first time, as a fresh graduate. There was a mix of feelings, excited and nervous at the same time. But it was an experience that ultimately boosted my confidence.  I succeeded that day, so I know will be able to do it again successfully in the future.

If you could speak to your younger self, what advice would you give her?

Be curious, learn, and try new things and skills whenever you can.  Only by experiencing can you decide if it is for you or not.

On difficult days, what motivates you?

I always remind myself of previous successes during hard times.   I know I will be able to pass my current difficulty just as I have done before. Also, by reflecting on my goal and trusting that this is part of the process to get there.

Best career advice you’ve received?

You are a brand.  A brand is a long-term thing so make sure what you are doing now builds up your brand for the future.

What did you learn about yourself/others during COVID?

Sometimes we need to be forced to pause from our normal routine to be able to see what other great things we are capable of.


This article was originally published on our Transgrid Energise network. This network supports women at Transgrid to build stronger connections.