The HumeLink EIS exhibition period will start 30 August 2023.

The EIS public exhibition provides the community an opportunity to read the EIS document, seek clarification and provide feedback directly to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE).

There are a range of ways you can have your say during the EIS exhibition period, including options to provide submission to the DPE both online or in hard copy. However, it is important to note the EIS exhibition process is run by the DPE and submissions must be sent directly to the DPE during the exhibition period.

Submissions can be made online via the NSW DPE Major Projects Planning Portal or provided directly to DPE via Australia Post. The EIS submission guide below outlines in detail how to make a submission.

How to make a submission graphic

Considerations when making a submission

As the EIS exhibition process is managed by the DPE, the HumeLink project team is unable to provide assistance with developing, writing or lodging submissions. To assist you to make a valid and informed submission on the project during the exhibition period please refer to our Submission Guide below. This contains writing tips, submission criteria and guidelines for lodgement.

If you need any support on how to make a submission, visit the NSW DPE ‘Make a Submission’ website or call DPE on 02 8217 2022.

Should you have any questions regarding information included in the HumeLink EIS, please reach out to the project team by phone on 1800 317 367 or email Alternatively, come and speak with us at an event during the exhibition period.

EIS submission considerations