Early works start on Transgrid’s major transmission project EnergyConnect

15 March 2022

Preliminary works are underway to build workers’ camps and numerous studies are being undertaken now to prepare for the start of construction on Transgrid’s once-in-a-generation transmission project EnergyConnect.

“It’s exciting to see early works underway on EnergyConnect and we are proud to be working with local community representatives to deliver this transformational project,” said Executive General Manager of Delivery Craig Stallan.

“Commencing the pre-construction activity is the result of years of planning and demonstrates that we are well on the way to building the grid of tomorrow which will enable the integration of renewables for a clean energy future, reduce the nation’s carbon emissions and help drive down the cost of wholesale electricity,” he said.

Transgrid and its construction delivery partner SecureEnergy are progressing a 700-kilometre section of the 900-kilometre project from the South Australian border to the regional energy hub of Wagga Wagga.

“Not only will the new interconnector enable the sharing of electricity between New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria; it will also save NSW energy customers $180 million a year and generate up to 1400 new jobs.”

The project involves nine different NSW Councils and more than 300 stakeholders including a range of road, rail and river users.

The bulk of the pre-construction activities are currently being undertaken on the western alignment, between Wentworth and Buronga. Some preliminary geotechnical activities are being conducted on the eastern section around the proposed camps and laydown areas.

David Whatmough, SecureEnergy Project Director said “It’s great to get underway and SecureEnergy is currently completing a number of pre-construction activities on the western alignment before construction begins with many of these works occurring simultaneously.”

The preconstruction activities include:

  • Construction of access points to camp and laydown areas
  • Geotechnical investigation works
  • Undergrounding activities
  • Road dilapidation inspections
  • Survey works
  • Ecological surveys
  • Cultural heritage works

Main works are expected to begin on the western alignment in mid-2022, with construction of the camps and laydown areas expected to begin in the final quarter of 2022. The construction of the eastern alignment, (Buronga to Wagga Wagga) is due to commence in 2023.

Transgrid media contact:

Michelle Stone 0438 293 917