International experts arrive for specialist work on the QNI upgrade project

14 October 2021

Two specialist engineers have arrived into NSW this week from Siemens Energy in India for the pre-commissioning of critical technology to be used on the Transgrid Queensland-NSW Interconnector (QNI) upgrade project.

QNI Project Director Colin Mayer said “Transgrid has engaged Siemens Energy to deliver two Static Var Compensators (SVCs) which are a vital component of the QNI upgrade project.”

“The SVC units will regulate the flow of reactive power onto the grid, with the resultant stabilisation providing more reliable and cheaper power for consumers in NSW and Queensland.

“Transgrid has worked closely with authorities to make sure that we have the international expertise we need, while complying with COVID-19 requirements. We now have three experts from Siemens Energy in Australia to begin this specialised process,” he said.

Siemens Energy has recently mobilised the two specialists to assist with the installation of the technology at Transgrid’s Dumaresq and Tamworth substations.

Hansel Gracias, Commissioning Engineer and Jaskaran Singh, Installation Supervisor from Siemens Energy, started working this week at the Transgrid Dumaresq substation, after travelling from Goa and Delhi in India, completing a 14-day quarantine period in Adelaide, flying into Brisbane Airport, followed by a five hour drive to accommodation near the substation.

“Australia is beautiful, especially Dumaresq, where the land is probably like it was hundreds of years ago. It’s not like Delhi,” said Hansel.

“Coming from Delhi, which is the capital of India and very crowded, to Dumaresq - where there are not many people - has been very interesting,” Jaskaran added.

“My kids keep on asking me to ‘please, send some photos of kangaroos!’ But, unfortunately, we haven’t seen any yet.”

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