Local Voices Matter

01 August 2022

Transgrid is implementing a new community sentiment program called Local Voices. Local Voices is a community survey and data analysis tool delivered by Voconiq. Founded in 2019 by a team of social scientists at CSIRO, Voconiq was built on 10 years of research and practical industry practice to provide an innovative solution to assist companies understand and improve social performance.

Voconiq are specialists in ‘engagement science’ and their Local Voices tool enables companies like Transgrid to understand community sentiment towards them and their projects. Really importantly the survey questions are designed to allow Transgrid to understand what issues are driving views within the community and what areas can be focussed on to improve sentiment. 

Voconiq will deliver Local Voices independently and with complete confidentiality. Transgrid will only see grouped data and comments that have been provided for feedback.

The Local Voices survey will be conducted every 6 months. This will allow Transgrid to track changes over time and understand if our strategies to improve our engagement with community members and landowners is having the right impact.

The survey will be open for the full month of August and can be accessed by community members via Voconiq’s survey portal.

To show our appreciation towards community members for giving their time to complete the survey, $10,000 will be donated to charities that provide services in our regions, based on the indicated preferences of participants.

Using Local Voices will complement our existing methods of engaging with community members and isn’t meant to replace any of our existing approaches, particularly the very important face to face conversations.

The survey results will be shared with community members through a factsheet prepared by Voconiq. Transgrid expects the results will be published by late September.

For further information about Local Voices please see Voconiq’s Local Voices website, or contact Transgrid directly at: