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New cycleway delivered for safer cycling in Inner West

17 September 2021

TransGrid and Transport for NSW have collaborated to deliver a new cycleway, to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians using the busy Bedwin Road bridge in Sydney’s inner-west.

Executive Manager of Delivery Craig Stallan says the cycleway, co-funded by the NSW Government, will make the bridge safer for all road users.

“TransGrid has delivered the dual-lane cycleway on a newly constructed bridge over the rail corridor at St Peters as part of the Powering Sydney’s Future project, which is also supported by funding from the NSW Government,” said Mr Stallan.

“We are proud to have delivered this great community asset, on time and on budget,” said Mr Stallan.

“It will make a significant difference, helping to relieve congestion in the busy corridor and boosting safety for all users on the bridge crossing,” he said.

Powering Sydney’s Future Project Director Colin Mayer said the cycleway was built in nine months on the new cable bridge, parallel to the Bedwin Road bridge.

“TransGrid saw an opportunity to build something to help the inner-west neighbourhood and with the installation of safety screens and lights, the cycleway can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Mr Mayer.

Located at the intersection of St Peters, Marrickville and Newtown, the cable bridge runs about 100 metres from Camdenville Park and links to the newly built cycling facilities on Campbell Street and Edgeware Road.

Executive Director, Community and Place Greater Sydney Steven Issa said Transport for NSW worked closely with TransGrid to deliver this important project, which supports the NSW Government’s commitment to encouraging cycling as part of everyday travel.

“Transport for NSW invests in projects like this to provide locals an alternative transport option, which is integral to the transport system and successful places,” Mr Issa said.

“The bridge is now multimodal, with the cycleway relieving pressure on our road and public transport networks, and contributing to the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle.”

An Inner West Council spokesperson said “The Bedwin Road cycleway was the missing strategic link for the cycle route from the Princes Highway/May Street precinct to St Peters Station.”

“It also improves the connectivity to the overall regional network and connects the City to Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre,” she said.

TransGrid engaged Taihan to design and construct the transmission cable circuit, Garde Services to deliver the civil and cable installation works, and Certus Projects to lead the construction of the cable bridge.

The work involved building a three span pre-stressed pre-cast bridge, with voids to accommodate the cabling of the Powering Sydney’s Future project. The Bedwin Road cycleway will be maintained by the Inner West Council.

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