Transgrid RAP launch event

Transgrid embeds reconciliation at the heart of its business

28 March 2023

Transgrid has formalised its commitment to respecting and recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, rights and opportunities across its 13,000km transmission network with the launch of a comprehensive action plan to deepen reconciliation.

CEO Brett Redman joined members of Transgrid’s Yura Ngura Indigenous Advisory team and community Elders at Wagga Wagga today to launch its inaugural Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2023-25.

“Transgrid is not only leading our nation’s transition to a clean energy future – we are also at the forefront of the energy sector in embedding respect for and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, rights and opportunities in everything we do,” Mr Redman said.

“As we build the critical transmission projects to make our energy transition possible, we are working hard to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities achieve sustainable economic prosperity and ensure their cultural heritage and customs are respected by all Australians.”

The Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan comprises a wide range of initiatives and programs over the next three years under the following core areas:

  • Furthering respectful and meaningful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across our transmission network
  • Deepening the cultural awareness, understanding and respect of our employees and leaders
  • Showing deep respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artefacts and places impacted by our projects
  • Delivering measurable and sustainable economic benefits to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and communities that we work with
  • Improving employment opportunities, retention and professional development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within Transgrid, and
  • Leading and championing reconciliation within the energy industry.

“We are proud to launch our first Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan which will ensure reconciliation is a core consideration in every business decision across Transgrid,” Mr Redman said.

“Reconciliation isn’t just about words – it requires real and meaningful action. That’s why we are committed to strengthening meaningful relationships, carrying out extensive consultation, protecting cultural heritage, and supporting Indigenous education and employment that contribute to Closing the Gap.”

Reconciliation Australia CEO Karen Mundine congratulated Transgrid on its formal commitment to reconciliation.

“Formed around the pillars of relationships, respect and opportunities, the RAP program provides organisations with a framework to advance the reconciliation movement,” Ms Mundine said.

“Through the creation of this Stretch RAP, Transgrid continues to further its mission to working alongside the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities across its transmission network.”

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