Renewable Energy Hub

Future opportunities for mixed-generation network connections

Australia’s changing energy landscape presents opportunities to increase the integration of large-scale renewable generation with the transmission network. Future renewable energy hubs may prove to be an important ingredient in addressing the challenges associated with designing, managing and operating increasingly decentralised electricity supply from renewable sources.

The Renewable Energy Hub Knowledge Sharing Report presents the findings of a feasibility study into multi-project transmission network connections in the New England.

Insights you’ll gain from the Report

  • A Renewable Energy Hub (or shared connection to the transmission network) has the potential to provide cost-effective network connections for multiple projects in a common geographic location.
  • Factors that influence feasibility include: differing commercial approaches of each participant, national renewable energy policy and the National Electricity Rules.

This research has been made possible with generous support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage.