Community and stakeholder resources - Powering Sydney's Future

TransGrid is engaging with the community and other stakeholders on our plans to continue to provide a reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity supply to Sydney’s CBD and surrounding areas.

TransGrid, in conjunction with Ausgrid, is proposing a solution that includes both network and non-network solutions.

Community and stakeholder input has been an important part of the planning process to date. TransGrid has been consulting the community and stakeholders at each stage of the project, providing regular updates and outlining how community feedback has been considered at each stage.

We have engaged with the community via newsletters, workshops, and community sessions. Below is a summary of key project development stages and engagement activities.

1 Options assessment

TransGrid and Ausgrid have commissioned a number of studies to look at the project need and to support the preferred option. Findings of these studies can be found below.

Ausgrid's 2016 Inner Sydney Demand Forecast (Independent audit of the Ausgrid demand forecast methodology)

GHD Report on non-network solution options

2 Key planning workshops

TransGrid and Ausgrid facilitated a stakeholder workshop in November 2016 for Powering Sydney’s Future to discuss ideas and explore the feasibility of potential network and non-network solutions with key stakeholders. The workshop presentation and summary report can be found below.

2016 workshop presentation slides - overview of project drivers, network options, and specifications for non-network options.

2016 workshop Summary Report - workshop objectives, activities, key themes and responses, feedback and recommendations.

3 Regulatory planning

As part of the regulatory approval framework, TransGrid has completed a Regulatory Investment Test – Transmission (RIT-T) to identify the transmission investment option which maximises net economic benefits and, where applicable, meets the relevant jurisdictional or Electricity Rule based reliability standards. The reports published under the RIT-T process are at the links below.

Project Assessment Conclusions Report (PACR) - December 2017

Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR) - May 2017
Project Specification Consultation Report (PSCR) - October 2016

4 Route Selection process

Consultation was undertaken with key stakeholders to assist in the identification and evaluation of route options for network solution. The outcomes of the consultation have been considered as part of the identification, evaluation and selection of cable route options. The Route Selection Report and associated documents can be found below.

Cable route (showing community feedback)
May 2017 - TransGrid 330kv Route Selection Process Summary
June 2017 - Route Selection Report_ Powering Sydney's Future
Appendix B Exit from Rookwood Road_Final__Route Selection Report_Powering Sydney's Future_2017
Appendix C_Entry to Beaconsfield West_Route Selection Report_Powering Sydney's Future_2017
Appendix D_Beaconsfield West to Sydney Park_Route Selection Report_Powering Sydney's Future_2017.pdf

5 Community engagement and Preferred Route Consultation

Since commencement of this project we have been actively engaging with the community on project planning and proposals. In June 2017, we undertook a series of community engagement events to inform the community about the preferred route selection. Further information can be found in the report below.

Community and Stakeholder Consultation Report

6 Community updates

The latest community update can be found  below.

Community Update - English language version.pdf
Community Update - Arabic language version.pdf
Community Update - Greek language version.pdf
Community Update - Italian language version.pdf
Community Update - Simplified Chinese language version.pdf
Community Update - Traditional Chinese language version.pdf
Community Update - Vietnamese language version.pdf

Community Update - English language version
Community Update - Arabic language version
Community Update - Greek language version
Community Update - Italian language version
Community Update - Simplified Chinese language version
Community Update - Traditional Chinese language version
Community Update - Vietnamese language version
Project update on Powering Sydney's Future (October 2016 blog post)
Update to the Powering Sydney's Future Project - November 2014
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