Transgrid's new 330/132kV Stockdill Substation will provide the ACT with a second supply point, and one that is independent of Canberra 330/132kV Substation.

The second supply point is a requirement by the ACT Government to provide two or more geographically separate connection points operated at 132 kV and above to supply electricity to the ACT 132 kV network.

The project includes a 330/132kV substation and 6km’s of 330kV transmission line, incorporating 20 new structures, as well as a new 132kV emergency bypass and the decommissioning of two 330kV transformers and associated switchgear at the Canberra 330kV Substation.

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and the Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) have been approved by ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development (EPSD) to allow the commencement of the works.

The Annual Compliance Report for the initial 12 months of the project is a requirement of the EBPC approval (2016/7784) and relates to the protected matters of the project, namely the Pink-tailed Worm Lizard. (Note: this report was required to be redacted due to sensitive environmental information).


Annual Compliance Report


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Stockdill Operational Environmental & Sustainability Plan


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