Transgrid will deliver upgrades to its existing transmission lines and substations and a System Integrity Protection Scheme (SIPS) to unlock the benefits of the Waratah Super Battery (WSB).

Transmission line works will occur between substations at Bannaby and Sydney West; Yass and Marulan.

Works will occur at 22 substations throughout the network.

No newly built transmission line routes or substations are planned as part of the project.

Project benefits

The project will allow increased transmission of energy to meet demand in the Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong regions, following the reduction in supply due to the planned closure of Eraring Power Station in 2025.

It will enable the battery to operate as a part of a broader System Integrity Protection Scheme (SIPS). The SIPS is designed to monitor transmission lines and enable the battery to act as a 'shock absorber' in the event of any sudden fault on the transmission system.

Project Area

About the Waratah Super Battery

The WSB is located approximately 100km north of Sydney and approximately 25km south of the retiring Eraring coal-fired power station. The battery, which is also known as a 'Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)' will reside in a 138,000 square metre site (over 8 AFL fields).

Construction of the battery commenced in June 2023 and will be completed in 2025.

Akaysha Energy has been appointed by the Energy Corporation of NSW (EnergyCo NSW) to develop the Waratah Super Battery.

Transgrid will operate the battery once it has been built. 

More information: 

Waratah Super Battery | EnergyCo (nsw.gov.au)

Waratah Super Battery | Akaysha (akayshaenergy.com)


  • NSW Govt approves construction and operation of Waratah Super Battery - Completed

    Early 2023

  • Environmental Surveys and site inspections for tranmission line and substation works - Completed

    Mid 2023

  • Transmission line and substation works start - In progress

    Late 2023

  • Transmission line and substation works complete - In development

    Mid 2025

Environmental Approvals

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment granted final planning approvals for the WSB in Feb 2023.

As part of the WSB enabling works, Transgrid has undertaken Special Environmental Assessments and approvals for each work activity to ensure that a high level of investigation and risk minimisation is included as part of construction works.




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Energy Transition

18 October 2022

Transgrid and EnergyCo sign contracts for Waratah Super Battery

Transgrid and EnergyCo have signed contracts for the project that will lead to connecting the largest standby network battery in the Southern Hemisphere to the grid and ensure energy security with the pending retirement of Eraring Power Station.