Regulated Revenue Determination

TransGrid undertakes a revenue determination process, led by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Why does TransGrid undertake a revenue determination process?

The AER’s revenue determination process exists to ensure that electricity transmission businesses recover a balanced amount of revenue from customers. Ahead of each regulatory period, TransGrid is required to provide the AER with a program of work and forecast the revenue needed to maintain and operate a safe, reliable, sustainable and affordable network.

What are the key dates and activities for TransGrid's 2018/19-2022/23 revenue determination?

Date Activity Status 
30 June 2016Expenditure forecasting methodology submitted
31 Jan 2017Revenue proposal due
Mar 2017Issues paper published 
April 2017Public forum held
(AER and Consumer Challenge Panel)
May 2017Submissions closeComplete
30 Sept 2017*Draft decision published
Oct 2017
Predetermine conference held*
Dec 2017Revised regulatory proposal due*
Jan 2018Submissions  close*
Feb 2018Cross submissions close*
30 Apr 2018
Final decision published

* The AER identifies these dates as indicative only. 

Key dates in the revenue determination process are set by the AER and can be viewed on the Determinations & Access Arrangements page of the AER website. Please refer to the AER 7 year regulatory determination calendar 2015-2022 document.

For the latest AER updates on the Determination, please visit the TransGrid - Determination 2018-23 page of the AER website.

How are energy users and consumers contributing to the revenue determination?

In preparation for the 2018/19-202/23 regulatory period, TransGrid has been working proactively with customers and stakeholders. The Proposal has been shaped by a diverse range of energy-user insights to ensure we balance the needs of customers, consumers and other stakeholders.
  • Examples of stakeholder feedback that has directly shaped the Revenue Proposal can be viewed on page 18 of the Stakeholder Engagement Summary Report.
  • A dedicated Revenue Working Group has been established to ensure the customer and consumer perspectives are considered in TransGrid's decision making. Comprised of industry and consumer representatives, the Group provides advice to TransGrid about planned operational and capital expenditure. The Revenue Working Group is a subsidiary of the TransGrid Advisory Council.