Network Planning

Shaping the future network

We undertake comprehensive planning processes to assess network capabilities and identify areas of the network where limitations are expected to emerge in the future.

These limitations could be addressed with non-network solutions, network solutions or a combination thereof.

TransGrid is proactively engaging on our business with the communities we serve. We have opened our planning processes and have committed to engaging with the community from the onset of a project. We now start our conversations with the community in the early planning stages, when we identify the need to address an energy supply constraint and involve them in the decision making process.

Openness to new ways of engaging and working collaboratively with our stakeholders including the community, our customers and partners within the electricity industry will enable us to continue providing innovative solutions to efficiently connect the people of NSW to their power.

For further information about the process of our capital infrastructure development, please refer to TransGrid's Planning Process

We also prepare a Transmission Annual Planning Report which provides advanced information to market participants and interested parties on NSW energy demand projections; emerging constraints in the NSW network; information on completed, committed and planned expansion, and proposed network developments over the next five years.

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