Kailee Standen - Transgrid Pre-Apprenticeship Program for Women
Pre-apprenticeship Program

Considering a trades career? An insight into our pre-apprenticeship program for women

24 November 2021

Transgrid has launched a pre-apprenticeship program in electrical trades for women, in conjunction with Belmont TAFE.  The seven-week course covers three subjects that can be used as a credit towards a Certificate III in Electrotechnology – Electrician.

Currently, women represent only one percent of the trades workforce in construction or engineering while at Transgrid, women comprise a third of our apprentice pool. Although this is much better than the industry standard, we want to do more in terms of enabling a more diverse workplace – and one way to do this is by providing educational opportunities for women who want a trades career.

Kailee Standen, who started with Transgrid from year 10 as an apprentice and now manages a team of 27 people as Apprentice Lead, says that being a tradesperson is a rewarding and challenging career that can lead to endless opportunities, and that being female is in no way a barrier to a successful career.

In this interview, Kailee explains why she believes women should consider a trades career, and what to expect from a Transgrid pre-apprenticeship.

Why should women consider a career as a tradesperson?

A trade is fun, it’s not repetitive tasking. It’s very rewarding, challenging and diverse. Getting a trade opens a new door to starting a ‘forever career’ and building those fundamental piers that provide endless opportunities.

Is being an apprentice more difficult for a woman?

Simply – no. The innovative ideas that a woman can bring to solving a problem or completing a task suits the way a tradesperson works. I encourage people to jettison any pre-conceptions they may have about manual barriers, as innovation and safe work practices mean that a workplace is suitable for us all.

What benefits does working in the electricity industry offer?

Career progression and personal development. I love the support that has been provided to me and the endless opportunities in the industry that have come after completing an apprenticeship. Along with all the skills and the problem-solving mindset that I have developed along the way, a massive benefit is learning that I am capable of anything that I set my mind to.

Why is a pre-apprenticeship program for women a good idea?

You can’t be what you can’t see. If you don’t get the opportunity to see incredible women in a male dominated industry or get a chance to try it for yourself, you could be missing out on the best career of your life. A pre-apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity to try a trade before you commit to the four year full-time apprenticeship.

What does the program offer?

The pre-apprenticeship program will provide you with a head start with TAFE and improve your chances of securing an apprenticeship. You will have a week long practical workplace experience at Transgrid where we offer an introduction to the electricity industry, safety briefing and training, interview practice and resume feedback, hand-skills exercise and training, and a substation tour.

What do you say to women who are considering the pre-apprenticeship program?

Don’t hesitate – go for it! It may very well be the career you want for the rest of your life. I wish that this was something that was offered to me throughout my schooling, however I am so proud that we can offer it to you now. I look forward to meeting you when you come to join us!

About the Transgrid Pre-apprenticeship Program for Women

Seven weeks, self-paced study and practical components

Scope of learning

Three subjects that can be used as a credit towards a certificate III in Electrotechnology - Electrician

Learning modules
  • Three subjects that can be used as a credit towards a certificate III in Electrotechnology - Electrician
  • An introduction on 240-volt electrical systems
  • An overview of occupational health and safety
  • The basics of fixing and securing electro technology equipment
  • 30 October 2021 Applications open
  • 28 November 2021: Applications close
  • 28 February 2022: Course commences
  • 11 – 14 April 2022: Attendance at Belmont TAFE, Belmont
  • 28 Feb and 7 May 2022: Flexible attendance for five days at a Transgrid site.



Women aged 16 years and over